Orchard grass is a tall-growing, bunched, cool-season perennial grass.  Because of its tolerance to shade and drought resistance, it is one of the most productive cool-season grasses available.  Horse owners like Orchard grass very much because of its similarities to Timothy in terms of protein and calcium content.  Many like it more than Timothy due to the leafyness of the plant body.  Orchard Product Testing - 1st (Protein ~ 7.7%, RFV - 99), 2nd (Protein ~ 13%, RFV ~109), 3rd (Protein ~ 14.9%, RFV ~ 104)*
Alfalfa is a cool season perennial plant that lives from three to twelve years and grows to be about 3 feet tall.  It has a very deep root system, which makes it extremely resistant to droughts.  Alfalfa has the highest feed value of all common hay crops.  Alfalfa is consistently high in fiber, while containing higher amounts of protein than other types of hay.  Alfalfa is typically baled during the night in order to barn the hay properly and maintain the softness & leafyness of the product.
 Alfalfa Product Testing - 1st (Protein ~ 19.9%, RFV - 150), 2nd (Protein ~ 22%, RFV ~159), 3rd Protein ~ 23%, RFV ~ 171)*
Orchard Grass/Alfalfa Mix hay is one of our most commonly requested hay products.  Because it contains the qualities of both Orchard Grass and Alfalfa, many people enjoy feeding their animals this product because it contains just the right mix. Mix Product Testing - 1st (Protein ~ 8.6%, RFV - 106), 2nd (Protein ~ 12.2%, RFV ~112)* - Really depends on amount of Alfalfa in product

*Testing Results are typical, but may be different due to growing/haying conditions