Located in the heart of the Kittitas Valley in Central Washington of the Great Pacific Northwest, P&B Hay products are grown under some of the most favorable conditions in the world.  Summers here on the farm are typically warm, with little rain & favorable winds, which often leads to superior hay products.  Much of the hay in this valley is exported around the world to countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the U.A.E., & Canada.  
    While we export some of our hay overseas, a large part of our business is conducted with individual customers who are interested in small 2-tie, 90-pound bales that are fairly easy to manage for all of different types of animals that they need to feed.  
    More information on our hay products is included on the pages that follow.  Please contact us at pandbhay@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of our products.

*Current supply - 1st Cutting 2019 Orchard Grass -  2/3/2020
**Check out the Quarterly Hay Report link from NW Farm Credit Services - site provides info on commodity trends, including current & future availability of hay & pricing